About our classes

mysore-style classes |

Students practice the Ashtanga sequence individually and at their own pace while instructors move around the room and work with students, one on one | students are welcome to arrive and begin their practices at any time during scheduled Mysore hours | about Mysore-style practice.

perfect for all levels (Ashtanga series cheat sheets provided)!

led primary series classes |

An instructor guides the class through primary series collectively and at the same pace | students are encouraged to arrive and get settled prior to the scheduled start time | class starts with an opening chant.

Some prior experience with Ashtanga is recommended before attending a led class as it moves quickly

open practice days |

The studio is open, but no teacher is scheduled. Members of the collective are in the studio practicing on these days, and are happy to answer questions and provide assistance | students are welcome to arrive and begin their practices at anytime during scheduled open studio hours.

open to all levels, though some familiarity with Ashtanga is helpful

moon day restorative |

Days when an instructor guides the class through a slow-paced & gentle physical practice, and perhaps also some gentle breathing exercises and sitting meditation | more about moon days.

Wonderfully restorative for all levels!

class guidelines | FAQ

  • if it is your first class with us, please say hello!
  • Mysore-style yoga teaching generally involves hands-on adjustments–if you prefer hands-off adjustments, please don’t hesitate to let us know
  • please help us keep the studio space as scent free as possible by not using scented–natural or otherwise–products including things you might not think of (like deodorant, laundry detergent, and fabric softener)
  • please also be sure to bathe before coming to class, and to keep your mat clean and dry
  • if you are new to Ashtanga, try to start with an Intro to Ashtanga Course OR try to start on a Monday and commit to at least one full week of practice with us… if this doesn’t work for you, contact us and we’ll come up with a plan that does…
  • please collaborate with us if you are thinking about learning new postures or modifying the sequence
  • if you are experiencing pain in your practice, please let us know!
  • female practitioners: taking rest during the first (or worst!) 1-3 days of your menstrual cycle is recommended–this “ladies holiday” can be a good time for gentle stretching and breathing, either at the studio or at home, or for just plain resting
  • if you are pregnant, please let us know!
  • if you are feeling under the weather, please consider helping us keep the rest of the community healthy by taking practice at home